Do you dream of travelling the world? We did too. Then our dreams came true. We have been so fortunate to spend the last 3.5 years travelling to the most amazing parts of our planet.


Working on expedition ships as naturalist guides has taken us Antarctica, the Arctic, across the South Atlantic, to Africa, the remote Pacific Islands, PNG and through Indonesia, the Philippines and last but not least The Kimberley in Northwest WA. We have seen many amazing places and been mostly in hard to reach places that you can only get to by boat.

expedition guides cape horn
Us at the Tip of South America – Cape Horn

It was a dream job and we were spoiled to see such wonders around our planet. We saw many fascinating places and had wonderful wildlife encounters along the way.

But there is one thing that happened when we came home… We realised how lucky we are to live in an amazingly bio-diverse and stunning place like Western Australia. Our appreciation for amazing remote places still exists, but we know we are living in such an amazing spot right here in the South of Mandurah.

We live in one of only 32 Biodiversity Hotspots on our planet.

Our local wetland and estuary system is internationally protected because it provides habitat for up to 100,000 waterbirds annually, from over 130 different species.

We have more carnivorous plants than anywhere else in the world. These are such spectacular species to learn about. When we dive deeper into the details and look closer at the amazing nature here in our backyard, it feels just as immense and spectacular as seeing penguins in Antarctica. In fact we have an extremely unique bird found right here and it could rival a penguin for uniqueness any day – The Yellow Billed Spoon Bill – one of our favourites and just as quirky as penguins!

Our love for our backyard only grows and grows and we love sharing our passion for this area with others. Why not come exploring with us… there is so much to discover!

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