What is a Bush Tour?

Well it could be a bush walk through Yalgorup National Park to take in the amazing flora and fauna of the area. Or it could be a wildflower walk in spring to see an amazing array of native orchids. Or it could be heading out to the Thrombolites with a geology guide for sunset to understand deep time and they way Thrombolites have shaped our planet and our Lives.  We also run night time Bush Tours – Nocturnal Walks and Star gazing nights.

You can find more about each of our Bush tours by clicking on the links below:

Wildflower Tours

Wildflower tours start in July ( depending on rain) and run until November. 

 Half Day Wildflower Tours – Find out More

Full Day Wildflower Tours – Find out More

Thrombolite Discovery Tour

Step back in time, with your geologist guide and learn about what Earth was like 4.5 billion years ago. The Thrombolites are the largest Microbiolite reef in the Southern Hemisphere and they are a geological wonder. Their story is rich and is fantastic to hear from your own passionate geologist guide.                               Find out more Here


   Nocturnal Walks

Explore in the bush after the sun goes down. Our guide will help you find nocturnal wildlife in a safe and non-invasive way using Night vision binoculars and infrared technology. Possums, Quenda, Roos, and other amazing surprises await!  Find out More Here

man walking in the forest on a trail


Bush Walking Tours

       Island Point Nature Walk – 25 mins South of Mandurah

       Easy walk Level 2.

       Dwellingup Half Day Bush Walking Tours and Full Day Bush Walking Tour

 Varied levels of difficulty – we can customise this tour to you.

       Heathland Walk Yalgorup – 35 mins South of Mandurah

       Medium 4.5 km, 1.5-hour return loop walk

      Lake Pollard Trail Walk 40 mins South of Mandurah

      Medium 6km 2-hour return loop walk



Wellness Tours

 We offer 2-hour wellness walks and also a full-day Nature Wellness Tour to help you unwind and to also share the magic of the natural world with you.

Wellness Walks – 2 hours Gentle stroll in nature to get you to stop notice, and see the magic in nature. A great way to get a taste of what the natural world can do for you to find wellness.

Nature Wellness Full-Day Tour – 8am to 4 pm Spend a day exploring nature with an expert naturalist guide. Enjoy gentle guided walks, quiet moments in nature, a swim in the river. We provide morning tea, picnic lunch, and afternoon tea in the Northern Jarrah Forests. Pick up and drop off in Mandurah  -minimum 2 maximum 8 people.

4 peiople star gazing with a telescope

Star Gazing Tours

Have you ever looked up an wondered? Have you ever thought about how fast we are spinning on Earth and that we are rotating around the sun? Our night sky is filled with wonders. Come out and gaze up and hear stories and tales that will make your mind expand with how amazing our universe is!  

Star Gazing Tours  are located 25 mins South of Mandurah for private groups 4 – 10 people. 


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