Christmas is here before you know it.

Instead of heading to the shopping malls to buy “things” you think they might like, why not do something different this year. Give an Experience. Memories last a life time and things end up in land fill.

An Experience in Nature is an amazing gift to give someone and we have tours for everyone… From the waves to the trees!

Find out more about our tour options below – or Book your Gift Voucher now.

Salty Tours – Kayaking, and Sailing

Bush Tours – Guided Nature walks and Night wildlife walks and Star Gazing Nights!

Geology Tours – Discover the Thrombolites

Birding Tours – Great for photographers or bird enthusiasts. Here.

The easy part is you don’t have to choose. Just get a gift card for an amount of money – you choose. ( Bush walks start at $80 and Salty trips start at $175 per person) . You give the gift card and they get the fun of deciding which nature adventure they want to take. Choose Custom Price when booking their gift card and then you can add in the value to cover a salt tour or bush tour option. 

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