Eco to our Core

Part of starting an eco business is that it is an extension of our lives. We personally aim to live low waste and an eco conscious existence in every aspect of our lives. From choosing to buy local and sustainable food, to reducing packaging and unnecessary waste where ever we can. We aim to go totally off the grid in the near future. We grow veggies and buy second hand if we need something. We are creating a permaculture set up for our food production and are slowly building it up to rely less on the outside for our food.

To reduce our foot print we living on Lady C for the last 5 years. Our off grid floating tiny home.

Our business ethos are the same, we will be offsetting our carbon emission through tree planting locally, we are partnering with other like minded local businesses to ensure we are reducing our need to reach farther than within our local economy.

We have lots of dreams and also fears about the future…. so we are engaging in future where we can walk together and learn from our local indigenous custodians who are the traditional owners and caretakers of this land – Gnaala Karla Booja in Noogar country.

We also want to be the change and we are supporting those in standing up to demand more from our leaders to stop irreversible climate change. Conservation initiatives are something we believe needs more strong advocates, so we are part of local environmental groups and get behind and support campaigns to support our environment here in Western Australia and further afield.

Active engaged citizens make the world more hopeful and we do this through different projects, we have been running a platform called Salty Times for a 6 years where we share ways to love life, but also give back to our beautiful planet. You can check out our citizen science adventures on Saltytimes here.

We are also always open to ideas and suggestions on ways we can improve and really reduce our footprint in our lives or our business. When you take a Salt and Bush Eco Tour we don’t take our eco values and do a big song and dance, but if you care or are curious about living eco – please ask us and we are more than happy to share.

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