Leave Places Better Off

It needs to be more than take photos and leave only footprints. We believe that Eco Businesses need to do more to leave the places they visit better off than when they found them. That’s what we aim to do at Salt and Bush Eco Tours.

By actively engaging in:

  • rubbish clean ups at our tour sites and in the local community.
  • citizen science data collection to aid in recording biodiversity of a place, or
  • engaging on conservation issues that impacts our local area.

We want to take the extra steps to care for the places we visit.

As a business we have set up a not for profit organisation – called Swanlandia Inc. and a portion of our profits go towards conservation and ecology education projects to take care of this beautiful biodiversity hot spot that we live in on the Swan Coastal Plain and along the Indian Ocean.

Projects we have lined up for Swanlandia Inc. include nest box building workshops for our local community. Education workshops about Ramsar protect wetlands and in the future with more funds we can’t wait to start some kids nature education clubs!

Besides this we are active with our local community leading our local Friends of group that aims to conserve our wondering 70 ha nature reserve in Herron. We also have 7 acres of Banksia and Tuart Woodland which is a Land for Wildlife property where we are hoping to continually improve habitat and food resources for our local fauna and flora.

What else? Well you can learn about our citizen science and low waste and carbon offsets here…. or why we believe education and inspiration are the key we all need to care for our planet.

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