If your Young Naturalist loved 101 and is ready to dive deeper into nature,

join us for Young Naturalists 102

  • We will be learning about certain local Fauna, Flora, Fungi and Geology
  • Each Day we will learn more about surpise species.
  • We will explore in nature and then research more about these topics
  • Naturalists don’t keep things to themselves they share their knowledge to help protect and conserve nature.

Young Naturalist 102 is for kids aged 6-10 years old

Located at Falcon e Library. Mandurah

It will run from 9am-11:00am on

July 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th. 

Cost $150 per child for all 4 sessions

Find out more about Naturalist 101 July 5-9th

Find out more about each Session:

Each sessions has hands on activities that we run in nature. It will also help develop nature reseraching skills and how to share the information we learn about.

  • Session 1: Fauna

    Join us for a session to learn about our local marsupials. We will learn about where they live, what they eat, how they survive and reproduce. We will choose a certain species to do more research on and then share it with others

  • Session 2: Flora

    Did you know certain flowers act like sneaky theives... they pretend to look like an insect and then the insect thinks it has found a mate, but in the end the flower gets pollinated and the insect gets tricked. Learn about the amazing lives of flora. 
  • Session 3: Fungi

    Learn more about the secret world of fungi, they are under the ground most of the year, expect for right now when they fruit. Find out all about different species of fungi and the role that they play
  • Session 4: Geology

    Geology Rocks! and it is the foundation of everything on Earth. Learn from a geologist all about the local geology of the area. You'll get to see an amazing rock collection and learn about the adventures of a geologist! 

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