Not too many people know about this magical area where we operate our tours. We are only 1.5 hours from the City of Perth. What you get to see when visit our little corner of the world is how the Swan Coastal Plain would have looked before the buildings, roads and houses took over.

Southern Mandurah

We have beautiful Banksia and Tuart woodlands around us and these have both been listed as endangered ecological communities by the federal government because they don’t occur anywhere else.

The birds and marsupials seem to find their refuge down here, we have Quendas and Ring tail possums that live all around us. You can hear the frogs and birds morning, noon and night and we get to see some amazing talent in watching the Osprey catch their mullet dinner in the estuary . Come September we are so excited for the arrival of the migratory birds coming from as far away as Siberia to our shorelines.

So yes we have a pretty special place here and we can’t wait to share it with you. It’s not a far drive from Perth and I can promise… it’s worth it.

Join us for an Eco Tour in the South of Mandurah – Herron and Lake Clifton.

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