Wildflower Tour – Half Day

Discover the beauty of native wildflowers on this Half-Day tour on the Swan Coastal Plain. Naturalist guides will lead you to some lesser known reserves and places to explore for wildflowers in this biodiverse region. Take a morning or afternoon to see wonderful colours, shapes and forms of Western Australia’s native wildflowers including native orchids and learn more about them from your enthusiastic naturalist guides. Book now.

From $150.00

Wildflower Tour – Full Day

Take a Full Day Tour to visit beautiful nature reserves with a small group tour guided by a Naturalist to open up the secret world of wildflowers for you. Explore for native orchids and beautiful wildflowers on this customisable full day tour. Private tours are available on request. On this tour you  will have time to take in the beauty of WA’s amazing wildflower season. Morning and afternoon tea is…

From $245.00

Wildlife Nocturnal Tour

Discover what happens in the Bush after the sun goes down. We have amazing nocturnal wildlife and as we take a walk with our head torches on we will seek out the nocturnal animals that are waking up. Discover more about Western Australia’s amazing wildlife on a guided Nocturnal walk.

From $40.00
man with binoculars looking over a beautiful landscape

Yalgorup – Heathland Walk

Explore the beautiful walking trail that leads to impressive views of the Indian Ocean and Yalgorup Lake system. This Heathland walk is a beautiful hike through diverse and rich flora. It gives a fantastic chance to view the Yalgorup lakes from a breath-taking view point. Learn about the resilience of the Australia Bush to recover after wildfires. This walk is a moderate hike which is a 4.6km loop trail. The…

From $40.00
Thrombolite disovery tour

Thrombolite Discovery Tour

Visit the Thrombolites ‘Living Rocks’  of Lake Clifton and see glimpses of what life looked like three and a half billion years ago. We will tell you the story of the earliest life on Earth and the role these organisms played to make life habitable for us today. Along the shallows of Lake Clifton is one of the world’s largest Thrombolite communities that are extremely rare on Earth.

From $40.00
Nature Walks Salt and Bush

Island Point Nature Walk

Explore Island Point Reserve with Naturalist Guides to open your eyes to the amazing natural world from the microscopic to the giant, from the ancient to the new. We will walk this reserve with you to discover and share natures stories that exist in this amazing Global biodiversity hotspot. Whether your interest is wildflowers, birds, fungi, marsupials or history we will bring it all to life for you.    

From $40.00