Sebastian and I recently completed our Eco-Tourism Australia Strive 4 Sustainability Scorecard. We are registered and working on completing our Eco Tourism Australia Advanced Certification, but we haven’t completed it yet… It’s a priority on our to-do list, but time keeps slipping past us. ( we commit here and now we will complete it!). The Sustainability Scorecard was recently released and after meeting Eco-Tourism’s CEO Elissa Keenan at the Destination Australia Conference, she convinced us it doesn’t take too long to complete, so we gave it a go! Jamie completed it in a day!

The Eco Tourism Australia Strive 4 Sustainability Scorecard is a tool that is used by businesses to measure their environmental sustainability performance. The scorecard covers a range of areas including energy use, water consumption, waste management, and environmental conservation. The scorecard aims to help businesses reduce their impact on the environment and improve their sustainability performance.

The scorecard uses a points system, where businesses are awarded points for each question they answer positively. The number of points a business scores determines their level of sustainability certification.
Once a business completes the scorecard, they receive a report that outlines their sustainability performance and provides recommendations for improvement.

We couldn’t believe how fast we got our results back! It was incredible since we know a person has to go through everything, we input to verify it.

We got our results and we were gobsmacked – 93 % ! We knew we set Salt and Bush Eco Tours up to be a sustainable business, but we weren’t expecting that result. Instantly after getting the results, we jumped to what else we could do.

A big one for us was that we have had every intention of getting onto offsetting our last year of business -21/22. We hadn’t done it yet, so that was our task we set off to research and use the best method of offsets we could. You can read more about that here.

The process of completing the Sustainability Scorecard was so satisfying for us, it shows we are on the right path and highlighted the areas where we can do better, and we could take action on it straight away.
We plan to make sure we keep up a high standard and aim for the best practices we can in Eco/Sustainable Tourism throughout the life of our business.

Learn more about the Strive 4 Sustainability Scorecard and our Case Study of completeing it.


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